Radar Cross Section Handbook - Volumes 1 & 2

, New - Reprint
ISBN 13 : 9780932146700
ISBN 10 : 0932146643
Binding : Softcover Two Volume Set
Pages : 949 pp.
Published: May 2002
First Published: 1970

This two-volume work presents virtually everything there is to know about radar cross (RCS) theory, calculations and approximate solutions for modeling. First published in 1970, the book set remains the most comprehensive work on RCS ever published. The first 140 pages detail aspects of radar cross section theory. The next seven chapters discuss the RCS of specific geometric shapes: spheres, cylinders, ellipsoids, ogives, cones, rings, wedges and planar surfaces. Discussion of each of these shapes begins with the exact solution to characterize the RCS and follows with approximate solutions for modeling. The last three chapters address the effects of rough surfaces, the RCS of complex bodies and RCS measurements. The principles addressed in the RCS Handbook can be applied to the subject of target strength in underwater acoustics. The two-volume set contains more than 400 diagrams and graphics of calculations and data and 900 bibliographic references. The individual ISBN number for Vol. 1, alone, is: 9780932146649; for Vol. 2 is: 9780932146663. The ISBN number for the two-volume set, both books shrink wrapped together, is: 9780932146700.

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