Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers

ISBN 13 : 9780932146724
ISBN 10 : 0932146724
Binding : Softcover
Pages : 429 pp.
Published: May 2003
First Published: 1991

Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers is a practical handbook for users and designers of underwater transducers. This book has been an authoritative text in the field since first published by the Bath University Press in 1991. Design methods are illustrated by concentrating on the design of piezoelectric transducers in the 2 - 20 kHz range, most commonly used in sonar systems. Designs for frequencies below this range are also discussed. Treatment is down-to-earth and avoids complex mathematics. Topics include: the role of the transducer as an element of the complete system; wide bandwidth, high power transmitter applications; wide band hydrophones; characteristics of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive materials; and transducer testing. For the user, the wide range of topics and practical approach of the book help him to identify the most important features of the requirement and assist him in more easily drawing up realistic specifications. For the designer, the book describes the necessary theoretical an d practical aspects involved in developing a transducer to most effectively suit the application and it discusses the main features of the various types of designs. Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers is in the process of being reprinted and will be available in December 2002.

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