Sediment Acoustics

, New - Reprint
ISBN 13 : 9780932146144
ISBN 10 : 0932146147
Binding : Softcover
Pages : 172 pp
Published: August 2006
First Published: 1989

Robert D. Stoll. Seminal book addressing Biot Theory for the modeling of acoustic behavior of ocean sediments. Written for seismic-acousticians in the geo-exploration, engineering, oceanographic and underwater sound communities. Stoll, a respected leader in marine geoacoustics for more than forty years, added a brief preface and updated selected bibliography to this second printing of his book, first published in 1989. Sediment Acoustics provides an excellent introduction to Biot Theory, the physics underlying the model parameters, and experimentally measurable predictions of the theory. The book constitutes a major synthesis for non-specialists: the results of laboratory, in-situ and numerical modeling studies of seismic-acoustic wave propagation, reflection and attenuation in two-phase poro-visco-elastic media. Includes tutorial sections and references for new researchers in seismic modeling, quantitative seismic stratigraphy, offshore marine geotechnique, underwater acoustics and sonar, and ground-interacting aeroacoustics.

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