Tulips to Thresholds: by John A Swets

ISBN 13 : 9780932146717
Pages : 138 pp.
Published: June 2010
Probably First Edition

"Tulips to Thresholds: Counterpart Careers of the Author and Signal Detection Theory" is the memoir of Dr. John A Swets, distinguished scientist in the fields of signal detection and psychological acoustics. Signal detection theory based on theories of statistical inference and decision making was developed in communications engineering with reference to radar and sonar by W.W. Peterson and T.G. Birdsall at the University of Michigan in the early 1950's/ Working with them, W.P. Tanner Jr., a,d John A. Swets carried the theory into psychology to study visual and auditory processes. They found that concepts of ideal observers reflected the behavior of human observers. The rapid development of the theory and its extensive application to substantive problems with contributions also by D.M. Green and J.P. Egan and others, were carried out mainly in psychoacoustics in the fertile bed of the technical meetings and journal of the Acoustical Society of America. In this memoir, Swets begins with his family influences and his childhood among the tulips, and describes his attraction to a group of emerging sciences. He tells how his career and the career of signal detection theory developed as counterparts over 50-plus years, highlighted in later years by the ubiquity of the theory in medical diagnosis.

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