Underwater Acoustic System Analysis, Second Edition

ISBN 13 : 9780932146632
ISBN 10 : 0932146635
Binding : Softcover
Pages : 489 pp.

Underwater Acoustic System Analysis provides a comprehensive exploration of underwater acoustics, acoustic signal generation, and acoustic signal processing for systems analysts, systems engineers and sonar engineers. This book is a reprint of the second edition published in 1991 and is still a classic text in its field. Updated and expanded in 1991, this edition contains all the valuable information of its earlier text plus a detailed discussion of adaptive processing as applied to spatial filtering. You will also find review sections on Fourier analysis, correlation, random processes and hypothesis testing. Highlights include: generation and propagation of compressional acoustic waves in the ocean; narrowband signatures of surface ships caused by cavitating propeller blades and diesel engine firing; optimization of signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution in the presence of multiple acoustic signals; ambient noise in the ocean; and examples of system performance.

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