About Us

Peninsula Publishing publishes and sells technical books in the subject of acoustics: architectural acoustics, noise control, psychological acoustics, room acoustics, signaling processing; sonars, underwater acoustics, underwater transducers, and antisubmarine warfare (ASW).

Acoustics is our passion! We publish 25 book titles which are posted on this website. We are both acousticians and publishers. We produce first rate books in the subject area of acoustics and we are looking to expand our offering.

We can use your help. Peninsula Publishing is looking for new ideas, new titles, and new books. If you have an idea for possibly bringing back an out-of-print book we would love to hear from you. Call us even if you only have a glimmer of an idea and you’re not sure. Call us at 203-292-5621; email us at: sales@PeninsulaPublishing.com.  

This website has just been updated (December 2018) in the first phase of a multi-phase building of this site in to a focal point for the sound and vibration community to visit for information on ALL publishing houses’ books dealing in our technical subject area. We welcome ideas as to improve the website and aim toward making eventually a focal point for all books dealing with acoustics.  

New Books Newsletter. Would you be interested? We are thinking about introducing a New Books Newsletter listing all new English language books in the sound and vibration area from ALL American publishers that have come in to publication during the past four months — but we do not know if there would be sufficient interest. Would you drop us line telling us whether you would be interested in such a newsletter?

If we were to get sufficient interest, say, one hundred people. the first issue pf the newsletter would be sent out this coming March. The info for each new book will be: Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, Publishing date, the specialized subject area, and a Summary of what the book is about. Over the period of a year, if there is enough interest, we would add books dealing with acoustics from the United Kingdom and other countries. For those who would sign up for the newsletter, we would send out a quarterly email New Books Newsletter of new book listings and the web site will archive the Newsletters. Please let us know what you think of the idea.

Questions on all books dealing with acoustics. If you have a question on any book dealing with acoustics, call us at 203-292-5621. We’ll answer your question if we can and if we do not know the answer, we will try to find it out.

 Contact Us. You can communicate with us:

        by email: Sales@PeninsulaPublishing.com

        by telephone: 203-292-5621, in Westport, Connecticut, USA

        by regular mail: Peninsula Publishing

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